> New Promotion for Pistol / Hand Gun / Rifle Day Shoot, see Day Shoot for more details
>SRA will be sponsoring more than S$80,000 for Precision Pistol Competition (PPC) in support for Sea Games. Details training schedules can be found on the PPC Training Schedule Update.
>SRA now give members FREE gun rental to all SRA firearms
>Discounts are now available for Day Shoot
>Full Flood Assessment Report for 25 December 2014 is available for all members, this assessment was done purely for insurance claim.
>A flood occurs on 2 May 2015 night which flooded SRA Armoury, only some rounds are affected, Click on Flood Report 3 May 2015for more details. All water are cleared as at 6pm.
>SRA will be Closed on the polling day 11 Sep 2015


> ISSF: Monthly shoot 3rd Sunday of every month
> Recreational shooting: Safety Shooting Course...
> SRA Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew
> SRA Flood 25 Dec 2014
> SRA Flood 3 May 2015
> SG50 - 50% Off Entrance Fees (Ended)



Welcome to the website of the Singapore Rifle Association. The oldest recreation sports club in Singapore, the SRA continues the traditions of accuracy, discipline and marksmanship handed down from the its origins as shooting club founded in 1862 by members of the Straits Settlements Volunteer Corps who wanted to continue shooting practice outside of the military commitments to the Straits Settlements, when Singapore was still a British colony.

Now we are a happy band of men and women from all walks of life who share a love of the shooting sports and firearms in general. The club has over 400 members and anyone can join us either for a day of shooting or as a member.

Night Range will cease operation immediately

  • SRA stop operating night range from 28 Nov 2014.

  • Congratulation to our SRA members for Winning in the SEASA/SIS 2014:

  • Mr Albert Wee for winning Silver for PCC Standard Handgun, Marksmen Division
  • Jason Fat for winning Silver for PPC Standard Handgun, Sharpshooter Division and for PPC Revolver 5 rounder, Sharpshooter Divsion
  • Richard Tan for Winning Bronze for PPC Revolver 5 rounder, Expert Division.